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The Best Ways to Choose the Right Dog


The Best Ways to Choose the Right Dog

So how do you choose the right dog for you? We all know that dogs are animals and they cannot always behave the way we want them to. I know you don’t want your dog to be aggressive or be overly hyperactive or to Right constantly bother you but we can only work with what we know. If you have a bad heart you wouldn’t want a poodle or some other dog that requires a lot of exercise. So how can you choose the right dog for you?

The first thing you should think about is whether you want a puppy or an older dog. A puppy would be the cutest thing you could ever have and while they do have a lot of energy you can just imagine what they can do with those extra quarters in your life. An older dog, however, is much more of a commitment. He or she has to be fixed, which means you have to get up in a regular schedule to feed him and give him a bath. The older dog will want to do more things with you so you have to walk him or her.

You should also consider what other animals you have. If you have other animals in the house you will want to try to get a dog that gets along with them, especially if they are aggressive to other animals. The same can be said for the elderly or disabled. Consider how rough he or she is and whether it would be safe for the animal.

Some breeds are very easy to train and respond fairly well to training. If that is the type Right of dog you would like you should consider one of these breeds: the Labrador, Golden Retriever, and German Shepherd. These dogs are very popular because they are so easy to train.

The Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky are also very popular because they are so tough. They are not suited to be lapdogs but they will love to go for a walk and lay by your feet as you tell them how special they are. They are very loyal and protective of their owners and don’t take harsh treatment well.


Some people like to get a dog just because it’s hard to look at any other dog and not think Right that it will be the best friend you could have for you. These are the Poodle, the Chinook, and the Bichon Frise. They are friendly animals and lovable pets.

Then there are the dog breeds that are just too cute to resist. One of these is the Chihuahua. It may not seem like it will be a problem to you but you have to remember this fact about this breed. Chihuahuas are normally a bit noisy and are constantly nervous and agitated. They seem to have the ability to shut down when they need to and when you are paying attention to them then you will probably see a few tail flicking and a few action pants. This is not the breed for people who live in apartments where there is a lot of activity all the time. สล็อตเว็บตรง

You should lastly consider what your dog is eating and his or her energy levels. If you are Right a person who is always busy you probably should stay away from a breed like the Poodle or the Japanese Chin because they need a lot of grooming and a lot of open time. The Chihuahua on the other hand is a dog that needs minimal grooming and gets its energy from short activity.

You should also lastly consider how protective you want this breed to be. If you want a dog that is a companion and who will look after you, then the German Shepherd is a good choice. This dog will also guard your home. However, this breed is really only a guardian and will not be able to follow your instructions over to the extent that a police dog can. If you want a dog who will keep an eye out for strangers then maybe the boxer is for you.Right

All of these are great choices Right as long as you understand what you are looking for in a dog and how your personality should match with the dog’s personality. If you are someone who likes to let your dog run around in the yard sniffing things out and looking for them, then the collie and the shepherd are for you. Even though they may look like they are hard to control, they are actually very easy to train. There is no doubt that each breed has a strong personality. The difference lies in how strong that personality is. For instance, some breeds like the Border Collie or the German Shepherd are laid back and couch potatoes. They do not play around much and have very strong, soft personalities. While other breeds are more nervous and high strung.

Choosing Right the right dog breed for you is like choosing the right child for you.